Whitchurch Fencing Club

O'Sullivan Cup - Cardiff Academy of Fencing - 17th February 2019

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Name Club Points Placing
Jack Cafaro Malvern 26 1
Rupert Nute Whitchurch 25 2
William Meredith-Davies Swansea University 21 3
Adrian Stoneman Cardiff 19 4.eq
Morgan Fouracre-evans Russell Swords 19 4.eq
Gethin Ap Phylip Clwb Cleddyfa Llambed 18 6
George Boden Gwent 16 7
Kel Brundle Swansea 15 8
Seren Allin Cardiff 14 9.eq
Justin Pocknell Gwent Sword 14 9.eq
Julian Snare Swansea 6 11.eq
Mark Burrows Swansea 6 11.eq
Rhys Jackson Celtic Sword scratched

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