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O'Sullivan Cup mixed épée - Cardiff - 16 February 2014

Well done to Scott Hamilton (Howardian), on his impressive win in this, the 25th O'Sullivan Cup.

This was another well attended event, with the entry list filling up quickly, and closing the week before.  Well attended too, by wives, friends, and parents of the fencers   - with fencers from as far afield as France, Slovakia, and Hongkong !

Scott got off to a good start pulling out a lead from round two onwards.  By round four, he & Mathieu Krist were neck & neck, with just one point between them.  Not too far behind, and competing strongly for third place were Adrian Stoneman, Nick Hawksworth, and Rupert Nute.   However in the final round Scott improved his lead, with Rupert edging into second place, and Mathieu & Adrian taking joint third.

A good turnout from the ladies, with Catherine Fisher(Gwent Swords) coming 'Highest placed opposite sex.'

Thanks to George Hawksworth, who had gallantly agreed to step-down, as the unbeaten cup holder, in presenting the prizes.   For his efforts in previous years, George was awarded a Special "Triple Crown" certificate

Thanks again Leon Paul for supporting us with a ‘mini-stand’, selling a selection of popular items, and also to Peter Smith for his excellent armoury service,   - and last but not least, Andrea Stiens, photography student, who acted as our photographer for the day.


Winner : Scott Hamilton (Howardian)
Second : Rupert Nute (Whitchurch)
Third : Mathieu Krist (Cardiff)
  Adrian Stoneman (Cardiff)

Highest Placed Opp. Sex

Catherine Fisher (Gwent Sword)

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Date for next year – 15 February 2015