Whitchurch Fencing Club


Lyndon Martin (Senior Coach)
Lyndon is a qualified BFA-registered three-weapon coach (épée, foil and sabre), a former Welsh Senior International fencer, a Commonwealth medallist and a former Welsh Epée Champion.  He has been fencing for 55 years, and has over 30 years of coaching experience.   In recognition of his services to Fencing, Lyndon was made an Honorary Life Member of Welsh Fencing in 2020.

Michael Clemitson (also Club Secretary)
Michael is a qualified BFA-registered coach, a qualified BFA-registered épée referee, and a qualified armourer (Journeyman Armourer).  He has over 20 years’ coaching experience.
BFA Coach profile

Steven Poyser
Steve began fencing in 1960s.  He is a qualified BFA-registered two-weapon coach (épée and foil), and a qualified BFA-registered épée referee.  

Paul Stelb
Paul took up fencing in 2017.  He became a qualified BFA-registered épée coach in 2022.

Dave Lewis
Dave also took up fencing in 2017.  He became a qualified épée coach in 2023, and formally BFA-registered in 2024.

Please note : all our coaches have been DBS-checked, and are qualified in First Aid.


Beginners’ Courses
The club runs beginners’ courses several times a year.. Individuals who wish to learn outside the designated courses should contact the club, as they can possibly be accommodated individually.

Individual lessons
We offer individual lessons for improvers, intermediate and competitive fencers.

Footwork Classes
Group footwork sessions are often conducted during a fencing evening.

Whatever your ability, our coaches will be able to assist you.