Whitchurch Fencing Club

O'Sullivan Cup - Mixed épée event
Cardiff Academy of Fencing, 18 February 2024 (View Map)

Entries received to date

Name Club Date entered
Abigail Brown  Whitchurch  19.12.23 
Benjamin Heath   Celtic Sword  22.12.23 
Adrian Stoneman  Cardiff  23.12.23 
Luke Tait  Whitchurch  12.01.24 
David Mckay  Wessex Blades  14.01.24 
Rupert Nute  Whitchurch  17.01.24 
Steffan John  Swansea  19.01.24 
Guy Morris  Regent Fencing Jersey  19.01.24 
Clara Morris  Regent Fencing Jersey  05.02.25 
Daniel Savin  Regent Fencing Jersey  19.01.24 
Jacob Pritchard  Swansea University  20.01.24 
Nikolas Antoniou  Cardiff University   28.01.24 
Dan Miller  Bristol White Eagle  29.01.24 
Lydia Wyatt   Whitchurch  30.01.24 
Andrea Bertelli  Swansea Fencing Club  03.02.24 
George Boden  Gwent Sword  06.02.24 
Chris Stevenson  Whitchurch  06.02.24 
Emilija Baraskina  Swansea University  12.02.24 
Maxwell Rowe-haynes  Celtic Sword  15.02.24 

19 entrants

(If you have entered and your name does not appear in the list,
please contact the organisers immediately either on email, or on 029 2075 1155.  

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