Whitchurch Fencing Club

O'Sullivan Cup - 2016

Well done to Rupert Nute (Whitchurch), on his first win in the O'Sullivan Cup !

Numbers down on last year, but our thanks to Swansea & Celtic Clubs for their support.

Rupert got off to a good start, though level with Krystof Gibbon, with Ernst Wong just behind,followed closely by William Meredith-Davies.    In an exciting second round, Rupert edged ahead, winning with 26 points, followed by Krystof Gibbon (23 points), and William Meredith-Davies ( 22 points). Not far behind too was 2009 winner, Gareth Law, who received a prize as the 'Highest placed Vet.'

Thanks again Leon Paul for supporting us with a ‘mini-stand’, selling a selection of popular items, and their generous donation of a laptop bag as a prize, and also to Simon Corcoran for his armoury service, and last but not least, Peter Russell for the use of Cardiff Fencing Academy.

Date for next year - 19th February, 2017


Winner : Rupert Nute (Whitchurch)
Second : Krystof Gibbon (Cardiff Uni.)
Third : William Meredith-Davies (Cardiff)
Highest-placed Vet. : Gareth Law (Celtic Swords)

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