Sullivan Cup One hit mixed épée - Cardiff - 16 March 2008

Well attended, and ably supported by lots of friends, chauffeurs, and partners, a busy competition, as the format means a lot of fencing, and a good standard all round, and with a convivial atmosphere in our 3rd year in Pentwyn Leisure Centure.

An early lead was established by Scott Hamilton, with Steve Parker, and Daniel Worrall close behind.   But in rounds 4 & 5, James Harrington started to overtake them, accompanied by Daniel Ridsdale & Lori Button.

First James Harrington    (Cardiff)
Second Scott Hamilton (Cardiff)
Third eq.    Lori Button (Swansea)
Third eq. Daniel Ridsdale (Cardiff)

Full listing       Photo gallery                        L-R : Lori, Scott, James, Daniel

Thanks to all (fencers & friends) in helping us set up and clear up, as we tried to squeeze one final round into the tight time slot

Next year is the 20th Sullivan Cup - so a exceptional turnout is expected to support this continuing popular event !

Date for next year – 15 March 2009

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