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Whitchurch Shield 2014

Congratulations to George Hawksworth (Cardiff) and Emma Gordon (Cardiff) on their victories at the first Whitchurch Shield.   Both winners were undefeated throughout the day.

Particularly notable was the amount of support and encouragement from other local clubs. Lynne Melia, of Team Melia, provided expert refereeing assistance.   Peter Russell and Fran Whalley of Russell Swords in Cardiff also refereed, and lent Scoring sets, including a metal piste, and FIE scoring equipment.   Gareth Law from Celtic Swords in Swansea was a welcome competitor in the competition.

The event was fully refereed throughout.   Next year, it is hoped that an armoury service and Leon Paul equipment mini-stand can be offered at the Shield.   Competitors noted the good atmosphere, and are looking forward to the next one!

Men’s Epee Report
In a hotly contested semi-final match between Zach Clabon (Russell Swords) and Joe Stoate (Cardiff) that finished 14-15, Zach was inched out by Joe.  Mathieu Krist (Cardiff) and George Hawksworth met in the second semi-final, which saw George winning a comfortable 15-4 victory.  The final was another tightly fought contest, though George gained an early lead against Joe and kept it to win a 15-10 victory over his Cardiff club mate.

Jacob Tucker (Cardiff) was awarded the prize for the highest-placed beginner, finishing sixth place – an impressive result, especially considering that he has only been fencing for eight months.

Women’s Epee Report
In the women’s competition, Emma Gordon (Cardiff) and Sue Ko (Monmouth Haberdasher’s School for Girls) were the first and second seed respectively after the pools round. In the first semi-final, Emma Gordon saw off Julie Macnamara (Whitchurch) in a 15-4 victory. Elin Gordon (Cardiff) beat the number 2 seed, Sue Ko, 15-10 in the second semi-final to join her sister in the final. Emma went on to take the gold, beating her sister 15-8.

Notable Whitchurch Fencing Club Results
Congratulations to Julie Macnamara for winning a bronze medal in her very first competition.   Also, Rupert Nute deserves honourable mention for coming 5th in the Men’s Epee, as does Steve Down for achieving 12th place in his first competition.

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