Whitchurch Fencing Club

Clash in the Castle !

Whitchurch Summer Shield - open air event, 23 June 2024, Coity Castle, Bridgend

Well done to Andrea Bertelli, in this closely fought match !

Just a few days after the summer solstice was the ideal time to hold an Open Air fencing match, and so eight members of Whitchurch Fencing Club arrived at Coity Castle one sunny afternoon. 

Described by CADW as “A romantic ruined castle, a storyboard in stone….”, originally founded in the early 12th century, Coity’s remains are a centuries-spanning jumble of architectural styles that reflect its lengthy occupation.  Today, although the castle is now a ruin, its remaining features from each era shed light on its long and storied life.

The fencing match, a Poule Unique for 8 club members, took place on the gravelled courtyard area by the East Gate.   Because of the loose surface, running attacks & flèche attacks were not allowed.  Regular competitors Andrea Bertelli and Rupert Nute were soon making headway in the bouts, with Abi Brown, and Michael Clemitson hot on their heels, and also with a good performance by newcomer Nadia Ker. 

Very closely fought, the result was a near-photo finish with Andrea, Rupert & Michael each having 6 Victories, with Andrea getting the verdict on a higher `Hits scored/Hits received` Indicator – and only one point separating Rupert & Michael for second & third place respectively !

Thanks to all for taking part, to the numerous non-competing Club members who came to support their colleagues, to Abi for after-match refreshment at her nearby home, to Steve Parsons, our photographer for the day, and lastly of course to CADW for permision to use their lovely castle !

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