Whitchurch Fencing Club

The Turner Cup and the Kingston Cup

The Turner Cup was an Intermediate Men’s Epée competition. The cup was donated in the 1980s by Bob Turner, one of Whitchurch’s founder members, and the Chairman of Welsh Fencing 2001-2012.

The Kingston Cup, donated in 1999 by Gordon Kingston, Chairman of Welsh Fencing 1980-2001, and organiser of Llantwit Major Fencing Club, was the corresponding women’s equivalent of the Turner Cup (ie Intermediate Women’s Epée).

Both competitions were classified as 'Intermediate', and were open to beginners and intermediate fencers. Because of this, certain categories of fencer were not eligible to fence:
   - Those who had represented the Senior Welsh Team in épée in the last five years; or
   - Those who had been placed in the last 4 of the Welsh Championships in épée in the last five years.

Both the Turner and the Kingston Cup were organised by Welsh Fencing, but from around 2006 until they were subsumed into the Welsh Championships in 2014, they were run 'on the day' by Whitchurch Fencing Club.

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Kingston Cup
Kingston Cup