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Whitchurch Fencing Club is a friendly club for fencers of all abilities. We welcome new members, as well as visiting fencers, and those looking for another night’s fencing.

The club offers a good evening’s épée fencing, along with competitive membership rates, footwork sessions, and coaching at a variety of levels,   - from beginners’ courses for those wishing to learn to fence, to provision for competitive fencers.   We are committed to the personal development of all our fencers, and so run an awards scheme, alongside coaching.

The club runs the annual O'Sullivan Cup épée competition.

Why Epée?
The épée (the French for ‘sword’) is the classic fencing sword.   It is a thrusting weapon, and is one of the most popular of the three modern fencing weapons (épée, foil and sabre).  It is descended from the duelling sword, the rapier.

Epée is the easiest weapon to understand, as the whole body is the target, with no rules regarding priority or rights of way.

Fencing épée requires finesse, accuracy, and speed. 

Enquiries to  :   Michael Clemitson   - 029 2075 1155
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epee - descended from the duelling sword
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