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Previous (to 01.03.22) Club COVID Rules - for reference

Although much of the COVID pandemic appears to be behind us, and the ongoing vaccination programme seems to be proving effective, there is still some risk of infection.

The following rules, based on WF & BFA guidance, will apply until further notice.
  1. Risk
    Although the following rules have been drawn up to minimise ongoing risk, participating in fencing in itself carries some degree of increased risk of transmission.   Please bear in mind that during fencing bouts individuals may get closer, albeit briefly, than the preferred 2 metre separation.

  2. Nominated Club COVID officers
    - COVID-19 Officer
    BFA have requested that all Clubs should have a nominated ‘COVID-19 Officer’.   This role will be carried out by the Club Secretary, Michael Clemitson.

    - Session COVID-19 Officer(s)
    An ad-hoc COVID Committee has been formed : as above, plus Coaches - Steve Poyser & Lyndon Martin, Club Welfare Officer - Paul Stelb, & Club Members - Rupert Nute & David Lewis.

    One or more of these will act as the Session COVID-19 Officer in place for each fencing session.

  3. Club COVID-19 officers’ instructions
    The following paragraphs set out some of the measures which may be needed.   In practice, some of these may need to be adjusted/altered ‘on the night’   and/or  in real time   - such as, but not limited to, further separation, supplementary sanitary measures, fencing behaviour, etc.

    In such circumstances members are asked to follow the instructions of the Club COVID officers.   Failure to do so, when requested, may result in suspension of their Club membership.

  4. Beforehand
    - Do not attend if you have any of the well-known COVID-19 system (dry cough, tiredness and fever - NB this is not an exhaustive list)   OR   if you have a bad cough or cold   OR   generally feel unwell.

    - On first attending, please hand your completed 'Pre-Session Health Check & Agreement To Conditions' to a Club COVID official.

    - Cleaning of kit.   Ensure your kit (jacket, breeches, plastron, glove, socks) has been cleaned in accordance with the appropriate instructions, and your fencing mask wiped with a suitable disinfectant wipe.   Please see the BFA Cleaning Guidance, which covers clothing, as well as equipment, for further details.

    - Welsh Government advice is to take a Lateral Flow Test before travelling on public transport, going out and socialising, or participating in group activities (including sport). Lateral Flow Tests can be ordered free of charge here.

  5. Membership
    Attendance is generally restricted to club members only.   Guest members (ie from other clubs) may attend by prior agreement.

  6. Arrival
    Do not arrive before the appointed time - 8.30pm, and try to arrive slightly after, eg 8.31, 8.32, etc.   This is to avoid immediate contact with other fencers whilst waiting.

  7. One-way system
    Entrance - Main entrance at front of Hall. Exit - via side door

  8. Hand Sanitiser
    Please use the disinfectant Hand Sanitiser provided, on arrival.

  9. Face masks
    Face masks should be worn when not fencing.
    Mask exemption - In the case of members who are 'mask exempt', they should mention this to one of the Club COVID Officers at the first opportunity, and be prepared to display their exemption badge, when not fencing.

  10. Depositing kit
    Move chairs 2m apart, as far as practicable.

  11. Changing
    As far as possible, please arrive ‘kitted up’, with (for example) an anorak & track suit bottoms over your kit.

  12. Borrowed kit
    Members using Club kit on an ad hoc basis, eg borrowing an épée - please speak to one of the Club Officers beforehand.

  13. Toilets
    - are available, but should be cleaned after use.

  14. Between bouts
    Whilst waiting between bouts, please maintain 2m social distancing from other fencers.

  15. Whilst fencing
    - Rule changes.   Adherence to the current British Fencing Association (BFA) rule changes, is essential.   This means:
    • No handshaking or any other type of body contact.
    • No deliberate close quarter actions, corps à corps, and any actions which breach 1m distancing.

    - Time Limit : maximum of 10 hits, or 10 minutes per bout.

    - Grouping : on well attended nights, fencers may be split into “groups” of around 6, to limit inter-fencer contact, as required.

    - Wearing a face mask whilst fencing - is not currently required.   However, fencing mask liners are recommended (but not required).   This will be kept under review.

  16. Test & Trace
    Attendance records are kept of those attending on club nights.   With the resumption of fencing, these will be held electronically, so that contact details of those attending can be passed to the relevant authorities if any infection occurs.   A statement to this effect has been added to the Privacy Policy.

    Important – anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must contact the Club COVID-19 Officer, or in his absence one of the Session COVID-19 Officers, as soon as possible.

  17. Guidance
    Basis : the above guidance is based on WF & BFA guidance as published on the WF website and the BFA website , and related pages.

    Updates : please note that this guidance may be updated from time to time in the light of prevailing circumstances, and WF/BFA and/or Government guidance.

    Disclaimer : please see the general BFA Disclaimer, which applies.

Page updated :
     27.08.21 - following revised WG guidance
     03.09.21 - Mask Exemption statement added
     03.01.22 - Introductory paras removed & Lateral Flow Tests added

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