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Colin Wickens : 1935 - 2017

Colin Wickens, former member of Whitchurch Fencing Club, and Club Auditor 1988-2017, passed away on 30th August after a short illness..

Colin was one of the founder members of the present Whitchurch Fencing Club, when he, along with Alf Pearce and Bob Turner, joined the ‘experienced beginners’ from Barry Diamond’s evening class in Whitchurch High School in 1984. Prior to that Colin had fenced at Cardiff, and ‘Excalibur’, as well as taken part in numerous competitions in the UK and overseas.

Colin will be remembered for his canny style of fencing, always competitive and often the man to beat. After retiring from active fencing, because of his accountancy background, he was the ideal choice to audit the Club's books, willingly giving advice when needed.

Our condolences to his wife, Anne.



Former members
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