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     (minimum age 16)

Please enrol me for the next class. I understand that this includes membership of British Fencing via Welsh Fencing, and that my membership details may be stored on computer.

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Tuition: Lessons will be 50-60 minutes duration, given by qualified BFA coaches, over a 6 week period.

As far as possible, these will be conducted as coaching, in groups of 3-4, rather than as a larger class.

There will also be the opportunity to fence with other club members, where possible.

To Apply - complete the online form opposite, and click Submit. This will send in your application, and take you to the Payment screen.

The cost, which includes one year’s `Starter` membership of British Fencing via Welsh Fencing, is £34.50.   Please complete the details on the Payment screen - a number of options are available.

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The small print
Admission to the class is at the discretion of the Club.   Inappropriate, anti-social, or unsafe activity may result in exclusion from the class.   Students are expected to attend on the dates advised, in order to achieve course completion.   Taking part in the class is at the individual’s own risk, and the Club / Club Officials cannot be held responsible for any accident, loss, damage, or injury, howsoever caused.
Please consult the respective websites for the full terms & conditions of Welsh Fencing / British Fencing membership.

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