Whitchurch Fencing Club

Re-opening - Tuesday, 11th May !

What you need to do beforehand .....

  1. Pre-Session Health Check Agreement To Conditions
    Please bring your signed & completed copy of this with you when first attending.

  2. Important - Fitness
    If you have not been exercising during 'lockdown', it is important to avoid injury on return.

    Recent beginners will remember the knee-bends & stretching exercises from their beginners course, and you may wish to consider repeating these.

    Members at a higher level of fitness may also need to review whatever additional exercising is needed.

  3. Membership
      - BFA membership   - if lapsed, this needs to be renewed before you resume fencing, if only for insurance purposes. This is done via the Sport80 website.

    ( This is a ‘self-service’ website.   It works ok, but can take a little getting used to.   In case of difficulty, BFA Head Office can be contacted on 020 8742 3032.   I would suggest you do NOT leave this to the last minute, however. )

    When renewing
      - Check which membership category you need – probably ‘Recreational’, unless you want to do a lot of competitions, in which case ‘Compete’
      - Remember to select ‘Whitchurch’ as one of your clubs
      - BFA number : please let me know if you have mislaid/forgotten this.

      - Club Standing Order - please re-start/amend your monthly Club Standing Order (£10 per member).
    If resuming during May, please re-start/amend it from 1st June.
    June/July onwards - if resuming mid-month, please make a part-payment of £5, and re-start/amend it from the 1st of the following month, as appropriate.

  4. Rules
    Rather a lot of them, I'm afraid.   Please take time to read them through.

  5. See you soon ! - Note revised start-time - 8.35pm - please do NOT arrive beforehand ...

    Enquiries to  :   Michael Clemitson   - 029 2075 1155
         email       :   Whitchurch Fencing Club