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Whitchurch Shield - Cardiff Academy of Fencing - 25th October, 2015

Entries received to date

Name Club Date entered Gender
William Meredith-Davies Cardiff 14.09.15 M
Gareth Law Celtic Swords 28.09.15 M
Rupert Nute Whitchurch 30.09.15 M
Adrian Stoneman Cardiff 01.10.15 M
Mathieu Krist Cardiff 04.10.15 M
Krystof Gibbon Cardiff Uni 09.10.15 M
Catherine Bowd Celtic Swords 12.10.15 F
Julie Macnamara Whitchurch 12.10.15 F
Steven Down Whitchurch 14.10.15 M
Jack Cafaro LLANTWIT MAJOR 20.10.15 M
Abigail Watkins Malvern Hills Swords 20.10.15 F
James Daly Cardiff Uni 22.10.15 M
Kel Brundle Swansea Fencing Club 23.10.15 M
Bethan Pugh Cardiff Uni. 25.10.15 F
William White Cardiff Uni. 25.10.15 M
JimmiNu JimmiNu BNYVxWiW 09.09.17 M
JimmiNu JimmiNu BNYVxWiW 09.09.17 M
JimmiNi JimmiNi VspwRVbVhKGX 21.10.17 M
JimmiNi JimmiNi VspwRVbVhKGX 21.10.17 M

19 entrants : 15 Male, 4 Female

(If you have entered and your name does not appear in the list, please contact me immediately either on email, or on 029 2075 1155.)

Information Provider : Michael Clemitson                       Contact us

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